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This component is aimed to develop indigenous knowledge and values based on people oriented, environmentally friendly and culturally sensitive development approach and advocacy for this approach at local, national and international levels. Thereby, Maleya intends to enhance the capacities of indigenous volunteers to practice indigenous peoples’ rights at community levels. The Adivasi Facilitators’ Group (AFG), Bangladesh is leading this process.


Maleya is presently conducting the following major activities under this component are:


· Conducting action research on IPSDD to develop model village based on indigenous values and practicesat community level;


·   Support to the targeted communities to implement IPSDD;


·   Support to its partner communities to develop participatory maps for strengthening Community Based Monitoring and Information System at grassroots level;


·  Raising capacities and awareness about the IPSDD to its partners and communities and advocacy on IPSDD at local, national and international level;


·  Support the AFG, Bangladesh to facilitate a participatory learning process on IPSDD among its group members