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The objectives of this programme is to contribute to the achievement of gender equality within t indigenous society and to provide adequate space for indigenous women to play an active role at the local, national and international processes. The Women’s Resource Network of the CHT plays a leadership role in this process.

Maleya is presently conducting the following major activities under this programme :

·  Organizing trainings and awareness raising workshops for indigenous peoples, women’s and indigenous women’s organizations and activists;

·  Promoting gender sensitivity and gender equality within indigenous peoples’ organizations, networks and communities;

·  Strengthening and facilitating indigenous women’s participation in relevant global, regional and national processes;

 ·  Jointly organizing and undertaking research, advocacy and training activities in partnership with indigenous women’s organizations and networks;

 ·  Supporting the activities of the Women’s Resource Network of CHT, with particular attention to dealing with violence against women and girls and the formation of local level advocacy groups at community level.