Conflict Transformation and Local Capacity for Peace

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The aim of this programme is to promote a conflict-sensitive approach to indigenous peoples’ organizations and networks and other civil society organizations in order to capacitate a group of indigenous rights’ activists so that may work to contain the conflict below the level of violence within indigenous society. Maleya, also encourages the use of traditional and contemporary conflict transformation and peace-building tools to address the intra-indigenous peoples’ and communities’ conflicts along with indigenous peoples vs. state conflicts.

Maleya is presently conducting the following major activities under this programme:

·  Mainstreaming Local Capacity for Peace (LCP) Do No Harm (DNH) approach within Maleya Foundation and its partners organizations as well as at programmatic level;

·  Organizing trainings/workshops on concepts and tools of conflict transformation with indigenous peoples’ leaders, civil society representatives, women and youth;

·   Engaging in action research with civil society, women and youth leaders in the CHT to learn to effectively use conflict transformation and peace building tools, such as composite heritage to bring positive changes in the region;

 ·   Conducting study and promotion of indigenous peoples’ traditional conflict transformation methods.