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The major objectives of this programme is to contribute to the development and implementation of inclusive policies and processes related to Climate Change and biodiversity and indigenous peoples’ rights through ensuring full and effective participation of indigenous peoples’ representatives at local, national and international levels.


Maleya is presently conducting the following major activities under this programme:


· Organizing training and awareness raising workshops for indigenous peoples’ organizations, networks and activists on Climate Change and biodiversity issues;


· Monitoring the impact of Climate Change related activities of governmental and other agencies, and undertaking advocacy work at national and international levels;


·  Participation in various decision making processes on Climate Change, biodiversity, land, environment and livelihood issues related to indigenous peoples’ rights at national and international levels;


· Providing secretarial support to the Bangladesh Indigenous peoples Network on Climate Change and Biodiversity (BIPNet-CCBD);


· Conducting research on land rights, land alienation, forest rights, swidden (jum) cultivation, etc. related to indigenous peoples’ rights and publishing through books, information booklets, posters and leaflets;


·  Advocacy work on inclusive policies and processes, including amendments to the Forest Act 1927, National Forest Policy, amendment of the CHT Forest Transit Rules and Social Forestry Rules;


·  Initiatives to resolve conflicts between the Forest Department and forest-dependent communities, including indigenous peoples.